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Let’s Grow Together project

As we make our way through this uncertain time we know that schools are now very keen to develop their outdoor spaces with a focus on nurturing children, health and well-being, growing food and engaging with nature.  At the same time many teachers lack the skills, confidence, time and resources to do this.


Following on from our lockdown/Hub school project ‘Sow Some Sunshine’ - which encouraged a huge number of children and teachers to have a go at sowing their own sunflowers and salads - we felt this was a great time to build on that initial engagement and put our heads together to come up with a project which would see us working with Schools into the Autumn and also planning for next Spring, developing vegetable gardens with the children and teachers.


Our Schools Engagement Officer, Chris, will engage children and staff in our FIVE partnering schools:


- designing and then building/developing growing spaces in the school grounds. 

- sowing a selection of winter vegetables and salads into the areas we have prepared with them and into seed trays

- over-wintering seeds in schools and with support from Bute Park Nursery (who will take care of some seedlings to ensure that each school has a significant number of healthy plants to plant in the spring)

- planting out seedlings in early spring, so that by summer each school has a substantial vegetable/herb/fruit garden to harvest

- giving vegetable seedlings to parents so that families can grow food at home 


The programme will be integrated with creative activities, through the support of our Creative Practitioner who, as in our Sow Some Sunshine project, will work alongside our Schools Engagement Officer.  This will enable: 


  • The children to create their own videos demonstrating how to grow and nurture plants. These can then be shared with other schools via the ‘Hwb’ website, teaching other schools growing skills

  • Development of a feature film, documenting the whole process

  • Website support for schools engaging in the project

  • Creative workshops to include:  garden t-shirt making, song writing (creating a united anthem across all five schools each sharing verses that will be recorded and performed together, celebrating growing and gardening), animation & creative writing that support the new welsh Creative Curriculum


Some of the above may be subject to change based on Covid-19 restrictions.