Activity 02 -

The Let's Grow Together  -

Polly Mation explains Chatter Pix
Here is one we made earlier...
Sunflower motif.jpg
Click on template or draw your own picture to photograph in Chatterpix


LGT orig 05.png

Activity 01 -

The Let's Grow Together 

Dance/Karaoke Video

  1. Below you will find the Let's Grow Together video

  2. Play the video and create dance moves to the lyrics

  3. Video your dance moves and send them into us here at Grow Cardiff and we will add them to the final edit of the LGT video by the end of the LGT project.

  4. MASKS - you might like to create flower face masks for the pupils to colour and wear for the dance.


  1. Let's Grow Together Video link

  2. Lyric sheet

  3. Face mask templates

The Avachat GardEner


Hi ya!

Bill here with our first activity to try out.

We would love to get to know all our new gardeners a bit better so here's how to make you very own Avachat Gardener video.

1 - Ask you parent/guardian/carer to download CHATTERKIDS app on to a device - It's Free!

2 - Take a picture of something in your garden like a flower, watering can, spade or glove ..... you get the idea - be creative and find something really odd and fun or you may want to download the sunflower template linked below.

3 - Next we would like you to create a GARDENER name...yep just like when we invent our pirate names we are going to event our Gardener creative...

4 - Record up to 30 seconds of amazingness about your invented Gardener, or about your garden, or about anything you have grown in the house, or just about where you live...

5 - Add what ever stickers or effects you would like

6 - Save to a camera roll

7 - Share it with friends and family and send it me here at Let's Grow Together:

email -

Have fun and we will be back regularly with more activities and links....

Activity 03 -

The Let's Grow Together  -

Five Creative Habits

  1. Discuss the five elements from the creative habits sheet – what they mean:

  2. Imagination – to be able to think of things that do not exist yet  - new things that you can do or make

  3. Keep trying – some things take a long time to get right or get good at – like learning a new instrument

  4. New skills – never be afraid to try new things and find out what you are good at

  5. Work together – it is amazing how many more brilliant ideas you can have when you think together and how many bigger things you can do when you work together

  6. Curious – be like that cat that is always wanting to find out more about the world around the

  7. Look at the spider gram – the middle is 0 the outside is 5 – think about how good you are at doing the creative habits and mark on the web a score out of 5 with a dot – then when you have done this for all five join up the dots and see what shape it is

  8. Look at what others in the class have done and see how you are all different and how if you work together you can grow as a creative person – someone who thinks about how to solve problems in a fun way with their friends!

Creative habits resource sheet link

5 Creative Habits - Early Years.jpg

Activity 04 -

The Let's Grow Together  -

Tree Rings

  1. You can play the video below all the way through and then rewind to the start and play through the sections pausing at the different stages.

  2. Worksheet resource link: