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chris - the garden man's diary...

20th Nov 2020

Today we planted up a kitchen garden with aromatic and winter hardy herbs, plus some spinach and red mustard. We also planted up some lavender and thyme as the area is quite dry so they should grow nice and strong for the Spring. The daycare group (approx 1/2 yrs of age) did a brilliant job of carefully planting the young herbs and bedded them in well.

We then moved to the next area and after moving the teepee from the decking area and giving the bed a good weed, we planted up some cabbages and kale, I'm told the nursery group tortiose loves them!

Finally we took our summer salad pots from off the green roof and planted the individually up with onion and herbs, the children enjoyed topping them up withe soil, digging a small hole and popping the herbs and onions in. Then they watered them in WELL.

A great start to out Let's Grow Together project at E&CCC.