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Chris - The Garden Man's Diary...

06th October 2020


Today two Year 3 groups prepared a really large existing bed to get ready for planting up, we put the weeds into a compost bag and were careful to make sure that we left some of the mature plants. We then used some existing unused wooden planters and filled them up with 'supergrow' compost after we lined them with some membrane to preserve the wood and filled them with gravel to aid drainage.


There were lots of smaller planters and the children were very careful to fill those up too and we placed them around the Key Stage 2 entrance. They were then planted up with spring daffodils which will give a lovely display early next year. Plus the children may grow sunflowers in them once the daffs are finished.


We had to deal with a lot of rain so we also took some time indoors and sowed a lot of veg ready for our next session in November, including peas, broad beans, mizuna, lettuce and some pak choi, the children did this carefully and were left with a propagator to keep the seedlings nice and warm to help germination (see pic).


Due to no water source being nearby, we also hope to install a waterbutt and get a load of winter vegetables planted directly into the new beds at our next session! This will include Kale, Cabbages, onions and garlic, plus our other seedlings when they are ready. There is also another bed to weed ready to plant up some herbs, so we're in for another busy day after the half term holiday! 


**Someone will need to take home the seedlings over the half term**

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03rd  Nov 2020

We built on the good work of the first session by completing the planting of our broad beans, garlic and onions in our small raised beds. With the 2nd group we weeded up the second large bed and planted out a load of salads and greens, with the children trying some of the leaves prior to planting. We planted out plug plants of tatsoi, red mustard, spinach to name a few. We discussed watering and how to look after out plants over the winter.

24th  Nov 2020

Today was a shorter session with the Year 3's. We checked on the progress of our vegetables. A couple looked as though they had been pulled out so we had to compost them.

We planted up some allium bulbs into the small planters to grow along with the Spring bulbs. I showed them pictures of the flowers (bee friendly so they know what to look forward to in a few months when the weather gets better.

As our peas were nice and strong, we planted them out direct in their biodegradable pots and build a wigwam for them to climb up. The children helped to tie them in to stop them blowing around too much.

The children also had a good weed and tidy up/litter pick and made a start on some bird feeders! :-)

Bill- The art Man's Diary...

06th octoberber 2020

  • Today I had a brilliant day with some yr 3s 

  • We learned all about the 5 things that plants need to grow and then we looked at what we need to grow as humans.

  • Then we played with an App called chatterpix

  • We took photos of Avachats we had created

  • We then recorded Haikus we had written about how important the 5 things are to help us grow

  • After that we saved them to the camera roll to share with everyone

  • You can see some below...