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Chris - The Garden Man's Diary...

29th September 2020

Today we did some brilliant work with two excellent groups. So helpful & willing to learn!

In the morning our Year 4 group supported each other in safely using hand tools to prepare the existing raised beds by removing the last of the weeds and adding some bags of fresh compost!

We then discussed the seasons and what grows well at different times of the year. The children then planted daffodils around the edge of the beds to brighten up the garden for spring and also we planted some donated bluebell bulbs in some recycled tyres supported by Mrs Dunne.

The children found lots of worms and some snails hiding out, much to their delight!

Then we sowed some veggies in modules ready to look after indoors in their new class propagator and we sowed some winter variety pak choi, salad onions and mizuna salad direct into one of the raised beds in nice straight lines!


In the afternoon, we had a group of Year 6’s who were keen to get hands on and start building!

We identified an area we could develop in Crystals Garden and together we learnt how to measure, mark, cut & fix timber lengths to fit a NEW raised bed alongside the outdoor classroom.

Under supervision and ably assisted by Mr Baxter we worked together to construct the raised bed, line it by reusing the plastic soil bags and adding layers of gravel drainage and multiple bags of good quality soil - it was really hard work in the heat of the last sunny day of Autumn!

Next Time - lots of planting of winter veg in the beds, checking on our seedlings and planting more bulbs as red tulips were one of Crystals favourites!

Bill- The art Man's Diary...

29th September 2020

  • Today I had a brilliant day with some yr 6s and some yr 4s.

  • We learned all about the 5 things that plants need to grow and then we looked at what we need to grow as humans.

  • Next we learnt the 5 Creative Habits that will help us grow as artists and as people who like to learn.

  • Then we learnt  5 new camera shots to use when we film the garden project and other things in school.

  • After that we had some fun drawing portraits of each other using 4 different ways of drawing.

  • Lastly we finished off with a look at a self portrait using our five sense to remember a good day!