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Bill- The art Man's Diary...

5th November 2020

A great day of learning about the 5 elements that plants need to grow - and also we need to grow and then creating fabulous Avachats with the pupils Haikus about growing and gardening.

14th October 2020


Together with three Year 4 groups we got stuck in to getting their raised beds ready for planting, we sited and started filling a compost bin, having discussions about what we could compost and what we couldn't. Miss Champion is going to do a list for the classes to get learning!


We found lots of worms and other bugs, some of whom were relocated to the bug hotel and compost bin. After we had cleared the beds of the weeds and saved some nasturtium seeds for sowing in the spring, we started filling the beds with our 'supergrow' compost. The children took it in turns to do the wheelbarrow runs and to rake the soil around to get a nice planting surface.


Once ready each group had the chance to plant some Cabbage and Kale, plus we sowed a few rows of seeds direct, including spinach and spring onions. Finally we harvested some sunflower seeds ready to store and plant out next spring, plus we sowed some seeds in toilet roll cardboard tubes so they can be taken inside in their mini greenhouse/propagator and grown on ready to plant out after the half term directly into the beds.


Excellent team work all round today! 


Hopefully next time we will also be able to connect up a water butt to the shed and also build a new small raised bed alongside the shed with everyone's help, great work Team Trowbridge!


**Someone will need to take home the seedlings over the half term**

Chris - The Garden Man's Diary...

5th Nov 2020

Today's session with our Year 4's we weeded our beds and had a good clear and clean up, reorganising the area of tyres so we could create a hanging herb garden where the children planted up their own brightly coloured containers.

We also sowed some garlic and filled and planted up two troughs of pansies/violas to brighten up the area where we are hoping to set up a greenhouse for the Spring.

The children checked up on the compost bin and could see where things had rotted down from the last time.

Well done on a brilliant days work Year 4!