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Chris - The Garden Man's Diary...

2nd october 2020

AM - Today the heavens opened and we had to steel ourselves for some hard work in the wet.

With the nursery group we discussed what plants need to grow and what everyone’s favourite fruit or vegetable was - Carrots/tomatoes/cucumber!

We discussed the type of plants we had to sow in winter and then got on our wet weather gear and gardening gloves to brave the rain.

We learnt how to measure, saw and screw the timber together and the children helped to carry the sections up to the garden!

Using nearly all our materials we built three large raised beds ready for planting up next time, Mrs Owen worked very hard to get many bags of soil around an obstacle course to reach the garden and line each bed to reuse the bags and not put them into landfill!

PM - With our afternoon group we planted up lots of vegetable seedlings (winter peas/broad beans and salad leaves!) and watered them well, we put them into the new propagator and discussed the care needed to make them grow, we found a bright spot and I explained we needed to make sure they were kept watered, especially on a Friday with the school closed all weekend!

The children were looking forward to monitoring them and taking measurements as they grow.

Next session - we will be topping up the beds with a bit more soil and planting up lots of veggie plants which I started off at Bute Park a month or two ago!

I left some daffodils that Mrs Owen wants to get planted around the boundary of the garden with the children. As the rain got worse we went back in to dry off and have a good classroom clear up!

Bill- The art Man's Diary...

Coming soon the 18th November...get those colours ready :-)

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