what's it all About


In early March, deeply saddened by the loss of face-to-face contact with our wonderful volunteers as our community gardens closed, we had the seed of an idea! Through social media we offered free seed pack kits in the post– seeds, coir compost plugs and pots – everything you needed to grow without having to leave the house.  In 24 hrs, over 250 people got in touch! Many were parents and grandparents who wanted to grow with children, often anxious and self-isolating at home, inspired by the idea of growing. 

Since then we have liaised with Cardiff Healthy Schools network co-ordinators and teachers across the city to develop our project idea: ‘Sow Some Sunshine.’ 


Over the next 3 months, we want to work with the 20 hub schools in Cardiff, enabling the 300 children they support to grow sunflowers (and vegetables) in school.  

We will also work with 5 schools we already have strong working relationships with, in some of the most disadvantaged parts of the city, supporting vulnerable children and those who are completely self-isolating due to health reasons, to be able to grow at home. 



We will create grow-your-own seed packs and working with a registered Arts Council for Wales creative practitioner, create weekly animations, on-line videos and interactive challenges to develop the project and keep children engaged as they send in photos of their flowers, poems and their own animations. 

We hope our project will create an alternative story at this most difficult time – one of hope, growth, happiness, connections and creativity against the odds.