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Who we Are

From small shoots to deep roots

Launched in June 2015 with 10 years of award winning growing and community workshops under our belts at Riverside Community Garden, Grow Cardiff was formed by a small group of tenacious local people looking to support others to transform uninspiring urban areas into productive, nature-filled, buzzing hubs that serve their community.

We actively seek to challenge urban inequalities and work with disadvantaged groups where people are marginalised through poverty or lack of opportunity. Through our growing projects we aim to have a transformational impact on people’s physical and mental health, isolation and loneliness. 

Our ‘asset-based’ approach means we choose not to focus on ill-health or problems, but rather to inspire and nurture people, realising their gifts and skills. As community gardens grow, so do the people. We want to see lives transformed through community gardening, becoming connected, supportive, healthier, empowered and joyful.


We are community-led

We believe that local people with lived experience hold the key to transforming their communities and spaces, and we seek to co-produce projects that meet their needs and aspirations. 

We aim to be an organisation that is always learning from others, passing on knowledge, sharing skills and experience with as many people as possible, empowering people to make real and lasting change for themselves and their communities by growing together.

We care for people and planet

We care deeply about people and nature.

 We use growing and gardening as tools that nurture and support people, particularly those challenged with mental health, physical health, isolation and loneliness. 

We believe that growing together has the power to heal and enable people to thrive, particularly those on the margins of society and most at risk.

We celebrate everyday experience

We follow an asset-based approach in our work, focusing on what people can do – the gifts, skills, and experience they bring – rather than their problems. 

We seek to spread enthusiasm, joy and friendship, and aim to help people find meaning and purpose in working and growing together. 

We cultivate a culture of celebration for everyday experience.

Our Staff

Ali Underwood

Edible Playgrounds Officer & Grow Well Project Officer (Lansdowne)

Alka Horne

Grow Well Project Connector (Riverside)

Chris Miller

Grow Well Co-ordinator & Grow Well Project Officer (Dusty)

Claire Terry

Grow Well Project Evaluation Officer

Isla Horton

Director & Co-founder

Liz Burnett

Admin & Finance Officer

Sam Young

Grow Well Project Connector (Dusty & Lansdowne)

Sarah Jaques

Grow Well Project Officer (Riverside)

Hollie Edwards-Davies

Schools Engagement Officer

Our Trustees

Alun Jones

Danny Owen

Dr Jemma Hawkins

Francoise Curtis

Nikki Thomas

Sarah Griffiths

Steve Parry-Langdon

Aisling Judge

Penny Smith

Our Lead Volunteers

When someone has been volunteering with Grow Cardiff for a period of time, or when someone new to the project wants to help others and get stuck in, we welcome them into the role of Lead Volunteer. Lead Volunteers support volunteer participants and the staff team across all our projects and are invaluable in the gifts, skills and experience they bring. Interested?! You could volunteer your time at the Grow Well project, with our schools team or community gardens.

Please note to volunteer at Grow Well or with schools, we are required to carry out a DBS check. Contact us to find out more:

It’s been such a rewarding experience being part of the Edible Playgrounds initiative. Being outside with the kids has been great fun, teaching them about growing, sustainability and healthy eating. I love seeing their amazed faces at harvest time.  Caroline, Lead Volunteer

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