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Who we are


Grow Cardiff is a grassroots, registered charity that exists to provide hands-on support to people of all ages and backgrounds, helping them come together to create and sustain fantastic shared, edible, wildlife-friendly growing spaces across the city and beyond. Launched in June 2015 with 10 years of award winning growing and community workshops under our belts at Riverside Community Garden (under Riverside Community Market Association Ltd), the charity was developed by local people for local people. We fulfil our aims by partnering and actively working together with a host of like-minded organisations, groups and local people in our communities.



Uninspiring urban plots are transformed into productive, nature-filled, buzzing hubs and lives and communities are transformed too.


Our Values

Through our growing projects we aim to make a positive, lasting impact on local people’s physical and mental health, well-being, isolation and socialisation, in particular for those who are most marginalised and most in need.  We aim to work hand-in-hand with local people and organisations, giving them the confidence and skills to create and sustain inspirational, biodiverse, green spaces in their neck of the woods – a school playground, residential area, allotment plot, front garden, or even a window sill.  We believe that everyone has the ability to grow – specialist skills are not required – and that the amazing benefits of growing are open to all.  For this reason we’re infectiously enthusiastic about growing and engaging as many people in it as possible.  We mentor local people, helping their growing projects to become an oasis in their community where people feel safe and valued, where they can improve their diet by growing their own fresh produce, take gentle exercise, grow in confidence and new skills, meet and befriend people they may otherwise never have known.

We care deeply about people and nature.  We appreciate that we are part of the earth and its ecosystems, not separate or above them and always aim to support nature to flourish in all our growing projects.  We understand climate change presents a real and immediate challenge to us all and aim to work to minimise human impact on the environment by adopting sustainable practises, minimising use of resources, creating food and shelter for urban wildlife in all our projects and encouraging everyone we work with to share these values.

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